Saturday, November 22, 2014



We all love a tantalizing mystery. We all love the underdog pressing onward against seemingly unsurmountable odds. We all, in one form or another, are trying to make sense of the world around us. And all of these elements lie at the core of modern physics.

The story is among the grandest—the unfolding of the entire universe; the mystery is among the toughest—figuring out how the cosmos came to be; the odds are among the most daunting—bipeds, newly arrived by cosmic time scales trying to reveal the secrets of the ages; and the quest is among the deepest—the search for fundamental laws to explain all we see and beyond, from the tiniest particles to the most distant galaxies. It’s hard to imagine a richer point of departure.

Long before Shiloh sat alone on the bus heading west to historic Sevilla, she was mystified. Moving across the mental timeline of her life, one emotional image unfolded after another. Some would force a chuckle; others left her clinching her chest in pain.

Filtering through the memories, there was one burning question that paralyzed her over and over again. How in the world did she get there?

Join Shiloh on her life adventures during the first of a multi-book series, Shiloh’s Pool: Against the Tide. Her story must be told…


Shiloh's pool was not what I expected. It was about looking back on life and seeing the mistakes, heartache, and joys, of growing up. Close to end, a tissue may come in handy as well.
This book had every emotion you could have and a was hard to put down. I am giving it 5/5 stars.

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