About Misty Iputi

Instead of being formal type of just introducing myself, I am going to do it differently. My name is Misty Iputi and I will tell you about me however I am going to do it by being myself.  At least you know who I really am.

First and most important to me is I am a Christian and I love my Lord and Savior. I will not preach or be non-supportive of other beliefs, and only wish others would be the same. Second, I am also proud to be an American and do not stand for anyone putting the USA down without me saying anything.

I am usually shy, quiet and easygoing until someone gets to know me then I enjoy being a tease and goofing around. It has been said that I tend to be very opinionated and passionate about what I care about. I have been married to a supportive and wonderful husband named Sam for over 9 years now. We are adopting our daughter from his sister over in American Samoa, which has been going on for three years now. We went and got AnnDawn (our daughter) from Hawaii four days before she was a month old.

AnnDawn and I spend our days playing, watching cartoons as her two favorite cartoons are SOFIA THE FIRST and SHERIFF CALLIE from the DISNEY JR channel. We are learning numbers and letters right now as she loves to sit by mom and read her books while mom is reading a book of her own. AnnDawn loves to do what mom is doing and has decided if mom is on the phone she needs to talk as the phone calls are for her as well.

Along the line of books, I am now putting my love of reading and being opinionated to use by writing reviews and loving every minute. Being able to read all types of books and then use my opinion is fun for me. The only type of book I have a harder time reading is poetry other than that I am not sure there is a known Genre that I have not enjoyed reading.

I have my Associates in Psychology (2010) and was within a semester of getting my BA in Religion with a Minor in Christian Counseling when circumstances caused me to put school on hold. Before going to school and getting married to Sam, I was a long haul team truck driver which I got to see most of our beautiful country through the windshield of a truck. I was in 47 of the 48 lower states (ending in 2004).

I can only hope you have read about me. I would say if there is something else anyone would like to know about me they can ask.


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