Friday, October 24, 2014


Flawbulous by Shana Burton #flawbulous

About the Book

Has there ever been a time when you did the one thing you swore you’d never do?
For fabulously flawed friends Lawson, Sullivan, Kina, Angel, and Reginell, that time is now! When Lawson is pushed against the wall, she fights back by betraying those closest to her. A split decision changes Sullivan’s fate and family dynamics forever. Kina is searching for love again but finds it in all the wrong places. Happiness is finally within Angel’s reach, but another woman may cause it to slip through her fingers once again. Reginell has made her share of mistakes in the past, but she never thought trusting her sister would be one of them until now.
All of the lies, drama, love, fights, and prayers have led to this moment. Join the ladies for one last ride in this critically-acclaimed book series!

About the Author

Shana Burton is the bestselling author of Suddenly Single, First Comes Love, Catt Chasin’, Flaws and All, Flaw Less, Flawfully Wedded Wives, and a memoir, Note to Self: The Diary of a Divorcee. The two-time Georgia Author of the Year nominee is also an educator and resides in Georgia.

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Flawbulous is a Soup Opera, full of God and Drama. Even with that said and following the lives of different women it was easy to do and flowed wonderful together. Each woman in the book life is intertwined not only due to friendship, but in other ways as well.

This book is good to read and is one to read when you are wanting to relax and do nothing. I am giving this book a book a easy 4.5 star but rounding up it will be a 5.

Given a free copy for a review.

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