Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Prosper was very difficult to read and took multiple times to read through to understand. During the book when you could find the words of Olaolu Oladosu through all of the references. His writings were easy to understand and follow. I would have loved to been able to read more of original words instead of references. 

However, due to when the original words of Olaolu Oladosu were able to be found and read I was able to give this book a 2/5 star. 


As I found this book very difficult more than most textbooks I asked two members of my family a cousin and a sister who are doing different things with their lives. One graduated high school and the other is on her way to BA next year. Both had problems reading two sections on different pages. One could barely get through it and could not understand it. While the other read through it several times as I did to find where Olaolu had actually written something. She did say "his writing is clear and easy to read and understand but it was hidden and hard to find." 

I would love to see future work from Olaolu as I believe when I did read his words they were worth the time and effort to find them through all the references. His words are worth reading!

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