Monday, June 30, 2014


Into The Trenches could come out of today's headlines still. It is an eye opener even with the book being based on fictitious characters, the details and the different events are real. There is definitely no sugarcoating how war affects soldiers in this book or how God is needed to help make it through what they go through.
This book is amazing and gives a view at soldiers most books try to hide.

Right before I started reading this book I was told a member of my family was joining the National Guard. I am proud and excited to have her serve but also nervous and scared especially after reading this book as it brings to life the reality of war. People who do not experience first hand will not understand what the soldiers go through to keep us safe and to my family member and the rest I thank you and want you to know that I pray angels keeps their protective wings around you until you home safe with the ones you love again.

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