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Firewall is interesting. In places if you have not read the first book there are some places that may take a minute to understand but the entire book is good and entertaining as I was able to read it over night.
Being able to have a hard time putting it down I am giving it a 4.5/5. As there was a few spots I needed a minute to understand since it was mentioning book 1.
After a whirlwind romance and quick marriage to her prince charming, Mae feels like the walls of her lavish paradise are closing in on her. Just when she’s given a little breathing room, her world comes crashing down.

In Beck's eyes, no measure is too extreme to protect Mae and their unborn children. After realizing the cost of his zeal is Mae's happiness, he plans a getaway that will put into motion age-old plans set in place by the gods themselves.

Overshadowed by a demon assassin, Mae becomes the very thing that Beck has tried to safeguard her from. With help from Aphrodite, Beck must reset the devi…