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No Ordinary Love was an exciting book to read that was all more about the chase of than the actual couple getting together. It was fun and lighthearted as well romantic. 
Kenya brings the story to life off the page making it hard to put down and this is why I am giving it 5/5.
I am loving her writings.

No Ordinary Love

Kenya Wright

ISBN: B00O92Q34C
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Pages: 280
Genre: Interracial Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 29th, 2014

Plot Summary:

Debt-ridden author Nyomi must complete her book on Tokyo’s underground sex industry in order to revive her stalled career. But first, she needs to get permission from Kenji, head of the Japanese mafia who controls the red light district under his father's watchful eyes. With one meeting, Kenji traps Nyomi in his gaze and locks her into a deal—spend time with him during her three-week stay, and she will earn the access she needs in order to make her book a best seller.

But Kenji's plans for Nyomi not only include allowing her a look around, but also a first-hand taste of the kinds of things that go on behind closed doors. And if Nyomi isn't careful, she just might find herself falling for Kenji, a man with many demons and a passion so dark, it could change everything you think you know about love.

No Ordinary Love is a dark erotic romance from bestselling erotica author Kenya Wright.

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