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Title: Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter

Author: Dark Inferno

ISBN: 9781310335747  ASIN: B00I5RD19M

Series: first in my Sweet Temptations Saga 

Publication Date: 01/2014

Length: 11,700 words

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Erotic Drama

Publisher: Self Published/Dark Inferno


Meet Richard Martin... 

He's Well mannered, married to his beautiful university sweetheart, work's in a job he can't stand with people who mostly drive him nuts, and so sexually frustrated he's about ready to blow like Mount Vesuvius. 

Enter Rebecca, Scarlet and Samantha, three sirens sent by good to plague and tempt him. Will he be able to do what's right and resist their advances, or will these temptresses lure him to the rocks? 

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“Tell me Dick, have you ever kissed under the mistletoe?”

Richard’s mouth hung open mid speech, his eyes unblinking as he stared at her in utter shock
and surprise. Had she really said that? Was she serious, or was this a fresh twist in her game?
She stepped closer, so that as she looked up they were almost nose-to-nose, and reached out,
taking the cup from his grasp and placing it on the refreshment table before tracing her finger up
along the lapel of his suit and over the curve of his jaw up to his chin. Her eyes darted skyward,her fingers applying a firm but gentle pressure as he followed her gaze up to where leaves of mistletoe were hanging off Crimson Silk a metre above their heads.

“I…I…” Lost for words, he never noticed the figure coming up behind him.

“Cat got your tongue?” 

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I have to keep in mind that my review is my honest opinion about the book Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter. There was a few things that was good about this book including how short it was and how well some of the descriptions were, however that being said on the flip side that also was what was bad. The descriptions also at times would make it feel as a saying goes a "fly on the wall". This means everything is from a distant and/ or third person.

As this is the first short book from Dark Inferno I would like to see read future writings as I am sure they are only going to be getting better.

Given a copy for an honest review.


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