Tuesday, August 19, 2014



Could it be classified as a yummy book, even though it was full of hot kinky three-way sex? If so, then Stately Pleasures is YUMMY!! The main female character being on the heavier side was more believable, but enter fantasy land of a lot of females with two men and have the descriptions and details written plain and clear. I could not put it down. 

As I put no spoilers all I can say is this woman is one lucky lady!

I am rating this a 5/5 with a going to be reading it again.


Personal Opinion

I know I usually do not read this type of book however after reading this one, I can say I will read more by Lucy Felthouse anytime. I am not one to get into bedroom games normally however they were described enough to fill your imagination.
As I was reading, I was thinking is this almost every girls fantasy come true? I mean even though she had the curves and extra pounds the two so called gorgeous men loved it. (was that a spoiler, I hope not). Now days most women can relate to having the curves they want to hide. Point is this book was book and I loved it (and the scenes sounded like they could be interesting ;) and possibly fun). I guess that means I have a bit of a wild side in me as well.

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