Friday, August 29, 2014


Around the Bend you need to have a tissue nearby. This book is packed full of powerful,emotional, and important issues infused with God. Throughout the book whatever issue comes up, God is held first. 

This is once again for Rosemary Hines 5/5 stars book. 

Just make sure you have tissues nearby.


This book hits close to home as the one issue (no spoiler) is the same as my family had to go through except my grandfather made the other choice. This area is one that I had to stop many times due to tearing up and unable to see the words to read. It did however show me ways to cope and deal. Which in truth is something I never have done even after four years.

I will say that even though this is the fourth book in the series it is easy to pick the story line and make this a stand alone book if anyone wanted to read just one book of the series (although all books are wonderful). 

I will say I am highly recommending AROUND THE BEND and the entire SANDY COVE SERIES.

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