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Hi everyone!  My name
is A.L. Davroe (but, you can call me Amanda).
I write a lot of things -- sci-fi, fantasy, horror, romance.  I love anything that falls under the
"speculative fiction" umbrella -- if it's not real, I wanna write
it.  And I also REALLY like to do
revisionist tales and retellings.
There's nothing quite like turning something that people know and love
on its head.  Mostly I write these things
for teens and adults.

If you want to know about me, I'm quite simple:  I love tea and books and things that are a
little strange.  I wear corsets and
purple shoes, though not always in the same ensemble.  I make cheese for a living and I write as a
hobby.  I love animals but I own cats
because, like me, they're independent and discerning creatures.  I like that you have to work to get them to
like you.  I blush a lot.  At, like, pretty much everything.  I like sweets...chewy fruity stuff or Cadbury
chocolate?  Oh heck yeah, I'm there!  Also, chai tea lattes...I don't think I could
live without those, especially during conventions and book deadlines.

I'm a Hufflepuff, a Capricorn, a bit gothic in spirit, and
I'm damn proud of all of it.  My life
goal is to be best friends with Neil Gaiman.

I've got a few books that are currently out: 

FOR YOUR HEART, a paranormal romance/contemporary fantasy
that is a retelling of the Scottish ballad of Tam Lin, is available on

My futuristic Sci-Fi novel, NEXIS, is about a young woman
who becomes paralyzed and seeks refuge in a virtual world, that is, until the
virtual world starts to seep into her real world (there's some romance in here
too!).  You can pick that up online or at
a bookstore near you.  And if you like
it, the sequel (REDUX) is out December 6.

This year for Authors After Dark, I'm going to be having a
debut horror novel with me called M.I.A. which is about a ghost and a
schizophrenic going up against a serial killer in order to save his latest
victim.  So far, readers are absolutely
loving this book because it's nice and unsettling.  If you like psychological horror, it's
totally gonna be your thing.  If you
can’t wait for it, I’m currently releasing it on Wattpad.

I'll also (hopefully) have a print
edition of my CITY STEAM COLLECTION, a collection of weird and horrific tales
that take place in a steampunky, paranormals infested alternate world.  Don't lynch me if I don't have that done in
time though, I just got handed a super secret project by my editor that you're
probably gonna love way more and that may eat up all my time.

I'm not going to be hosting any special events at Authors
After Dark this year because I'm going to have my most favorite readers of all
with me:  my mom and my grandmother!  It's going to be their first time at AAD, so
I'm going to be showing them the ropes, but that doesn't mean that you
shouldn't come say hi -- especially to my grandmother, she likes to make
friends with everyone (especially if
they like books as much as she does).  If
you'd like to catch me, I'll be attending all the meals as well as speaking on
a number of panels and, of course, I'll be there for the signing.  I'm so excited to meet you!

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My name is Armand Rosamilia. I’m a full-time writer.
I’ve been Living The Dream for the past six years of being able to live off of
my writing.

But more importantly I enjoy M&M’s and coffee.

I’m (mostly) a horror author. My Dying Days extreme zombie series sells quite well. Enough for me to
bathe in M&M’s and coffee at times.

Living The Dream.

I also write in other genres: contemporary fiction,
crime thriller, supernatural thriller, and have dabbled in fantasy in the past.
I enjoy writing a character-driven story and the more normal the character the
better. I rarely have superhero types or military or action Ninja fighting
characters. I find them boring as a reader and a writer. I want to know what
the average mid-twenties kinda chubby kinda plain-looking girl who works at the
makeup counter at the mall would do if the zombie apocalypse became reality.
That’s the main character in Dying Days.
Her name is Darlene Bobich. She cries a lot. She has panic attacks. But she

I went to the TNEE event in Atlanta for the first
time. It was a completely different experience for me because I’m used to
horror-heavy cons. It was a great time. Shared a table with author Jay Wilburn.
Shared quite a few laughs and stories with dozens of authors in the romance
genre I’ve never met before.

AAD will be another great event for me. I can feel it.
In my bones, which is pretty deep.

I’ll have quite a few of my books at AAD for sale as
well as some cool swag to give away like bookmarks,  fridge magnets, wristbands, bottle openers,
etc. I’m not bringing all of my titles this convention because it is a pain in
my giant behind to carry so many boxes and because I sell more of the newer
stuff anyway. No more carting 50+ different titles with me. I’m thinking more
like 12 this time around. We’ll see. I always freak out when I think by not
bringing a certain title I’ll miss out on thousands and thousands of sales,
even though I usually only stock 3-5 of each title.

Math is not my strong point.

I hope everyone can come out and spend some time with
me and a bunch of very cool authors at AAD. If not… it is truly your loss.
Frankly, I’m not sure how you’ll be able to sleep at night from this point out,

If you can’t hang out with me and everyone feel free
to buy all of my books so my children can eat. I’d say so I can eat but it’s
obvious from the pictures I don’t miss many meals.

Hope to see ya soon!

Armand Rosamilia


Twitter: @ArmandAuthor

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