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If you could change your life for less than $5 would you? It's true--you can stay home with your children and still earn money! Work-at-home businesses are on the rise, and Mandie Stevens has been living this life for almost ten years. Do you need to pay for dance lessons for your kids? Do you want to pay off credit card debt? Or do you need full-time income? You can do it. Find out how to get started with this book. Purchase on Amazon / Barnes and Noble / iBooks / Kobo Amazon Review - This book has websites and gives help as to how to build your audience. For someone like me it has to be dumbed down enough for me to understand and I had no problem following her how to’s. Other how to books lose me, they offer so much information that after a while it all seems Chinese to me. This book was point on and she tells it to you straight, you have to put yourself out there if you want to get something out of it. Amazon Review - It gives real life tips and advice on how you can get started …


This book is a twist of love story. Who is to say that you have to fall in love seeing someone online or in a bar. It gives a fresh outlook and is enjoyable to a timeless tale. I enjoyed it and want to read it again. This being said I am giving it a 5/5.

We both joined The Club and made an arrangement. I got the money to pay my mortgage and he got access to my body, whenever and however he wanted it...

SAPPHIRE BEAUTIFUL, a new full-length, stand-alone novel in Ren Monterrey's THE CLUB series.

I never imagined that I'd be starting my fifth year as a faculty member in the Medieval Studies department as a thirty-two-year-old widow. I'm sure to be the butt of every joke around campus as the collateral damage of a sex scandal that made national headlines. And my husband left me completely broke after he killed himself.

I don't want to lose my house and all the money I invested in it so I make an arrangement through The Club. I'll get what I to ge…


Welcome to eReading on the Cheap and Literary Addicts Book Community's September Giveaway. This month we have two $25 Gift Cards (Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble) and 5 Book Swag Bags to give away! Gift cards are open INT but Swag Bags are US only. Fill out the form below to enter. a Rafflecopter giveaway